Canyon in South Africa

Canyon, a dynamically growing brand of mobile accessories, computer gadgets and wearables, unveils its new brand identity, redesigned logo, and a slogan. The changes are appealing to the audience of young people with a clear and simple motto of nowadays: “You can!”

  • You can be yourself without aiming to impress others!
  • You can join the tribe of mindful consumers!
  • You can throw away imposed body standards - your body is your business!
  • You can care about the environment and live an eco-friendly life!
Canyon amplifies branding efforts in South Africa

Canyon now featured in major South African retailers

Canyon, a 20-year-history mobile and PC accessories brand, is expanding its presence in South Africa. With a portfolio of over 250 products, the brand offers high quality at affordable prices, making its products accessible to young urban culture enthusiasts and those seeking innovation.

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