23 July 2021

Upgrade your WFH setup with a state-of-the-art gaming chair

The Riotoro SPITFIRE X1S gaming chair combines form and function for endless hours of fun.

As Covid-19 continues to spread globally and South Africa finds itself in the middle of the third wave of infections, working and learning from home is becoming a fact of life. Since things are going to stay this way for a while, people are looking for ways to transform their homes into workspaces that inspire and allow them to remain productive.

Your beautiful art deco stools may look good, but they’re not designed for you to sit on for hours. You need an ergonomically designed chair to support your back and correct your posture – and gamers have known this for ages. Gaming chairs give hardcore gamers the comfort to play hours-long marathon sessions – but now they’ve become essential for everyone working from home.

One of our best-selling gaming chairs is the Riotoro SPITFIRE X1S, a marvel of modern engineering that’s easy on the eye and on your back – it’s like your office chair on steroids. Here are four reasons why you can no longer afford to work without it:

1. A truly wireless RGB light show

The SPITFIRE X1S is stylishly embellished with fully remote-controllable RGB lights along its edges. This turns any room into a spectacular light show that looks even better in the dark. You can switch between different light modes and adjust the brightness of the lights at the click of a button. And when it comes time for it to charge, simply plug in any USB power bank and the lights will be juiced up in no time.

2. Designed to make you feel like a racer

The SPITFIRE X1S racing-style chair provides the perfect blend of comfort, performance and style. The soft synthetic leather seat and backrest are perforated to provide increased breathability and comfort, while the jet-black colour provides the perfect look for any environment.

3. Ergonomics that really have your back

Riotoro leverages the most cutting-edge ergonomic principles in its engineering. The SPITFIRE X1S is made from high-quality, non-abrasive materials and comes equipped with removable and adjustable neck and lumbar support pillows. This keeps the alignment of your spine in a perfect S-shape, so you don’t strain any part of your back during marathon gaming sessions or when you’re working long hours.

4. Perfect for work and play

The SPITFIRE X1S is perfect for everyone, especially gamers who want to transition from work to gaming without changing stations. It’s fully adjustable to your height and you can recline the seat position with a simple pull on the lever under the chair. You can sit comfortably for up to six hours at a time, which is perfect whether you’re getting work done or unwinding with some escapism.

Are you ready to take control of your comfort zone and turn your home into a place in which you want to work? It all starts with a super-comfortable chair and we recommend the state-of-the-art Riotoro SPITFIRE X1S. It caters for professionals, students and hardcore gamers alike. It’s no wonder we call it the ultimate workspace chair.

Add it to your cart and be sure to explore our full gaming chair range.

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