13 September 2021

Spring into action with some fresh tech

Things are coming back to life so get some fresh tech gear to help with your everyday tasks.

The leaves are turning green, and that's not the only thing that's changing. Now that the coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns are being lifted in many parts of the country, life is starting to return to normal. And that means everyone from professionals to students will be out and about and travelling for work and study.

Whether you're dashing between meetings, on campus or setting up your desk at home, we have the tech that you need for work, your day-to-day life or just for fun. Our tech makes life easier, more convenient, and just plain better.

Getting out and about in the world

This little number, the Point of View 14 Notebook Windows 10 Pro 4GB Ram 128GB Storage Wifi is perfect if you're always on the move. The importance of owning a portable, lightweight laptop cannot be overstated. It can make a massive difference to how you work and how convenient it is to take around with you. It will fit snugly into your bag and go with you to the office, to meetings, for a stint at your favourite coffee shop, or wherever you need to go.

The Point of View 14 Notebook Windows 10 was designed to help you in the fast pace of today. This lightweight and easy to carry laptop is ideal for those people who find themselves commuting a lot, working in shared spaces or coffee shops, and spending much of their working day dashing between meeting rooms. Basically, if you need to carry your computer around with you a lot, the Point of View 14 Notebook will be ideal.

Setting up your desk at home

The way your desk is set up can say a lot about your attitude and style of working. But this space can also be your source of inspiration. We have the tech to make any desk the ultimate setup. With our accessories, you can make an ordinary desk into the optimum place to work from home, enjoy some entertainment, or even get the blood racing as your gaming battle station.

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Spring back to life with some fresh tech to help you perform your daily tasks better. Check out the new range on our Tech Savvy New Arrivals page.

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