09 July 2021

PC gaming accessories to stay ahead of the game

Are you ready to make the leap from console to PC gaming? Insiders agree that the main difference between the two is that PC gaming is a better investment.

Are you ready to make the leap from console to PC gaming? Insiders agree that the main difference between the two is that PC gaming is a better investment. Unlike console gaming where you are likely to buy a new one in 10 years’ time when PlayStation or Xbox release the latest games, you will constantly be able to upgrade your original PC setup. The other advantage is that you can customise your PC gaming for exactly what you're looking for in terms of looks and experience.

You don’t have to use a graphics card with PC gaming to improve the resolution for better graphics than is possible on console because there are also more games available with better backward compatibility. PC gaming can be more complicated and expensive than console but this depends on how you go about it. So are you ready to start setting yourself up?

Here’s a guide to the accessories you will need to get started as a PC gamer:

  • According to online reviewers, it’s critical to get a graphics card with memory of at least 6GB and preferable to get 8GB or more for gaming at 1080p. More memory is required to play with all the settings turned up or if you install high-resolution texture packs. If you’re gaming at very high resolutions such as 4K, then more than 8GB is ideal.
  • A high-quality gaming keyboard has keys that are easier to press than a normal keyboard so you can type much faster on them. They are lighter and more responsive which means that your reaction times will be faster. Gaming keyboards also come with support and responsive lighting so they look cooler.
  • Using a wireless mouse is more convenient than a wired one. There are no wires or cables that can get tangled and cause you frustration. Battery technologies have also improved for a wireless mouse to be as lightweight as its cabled counterpart.
  • A high-quality gaming headset will give you better audio quality, be more comfortable and also last longer than a standard headset even though it will probably be treated more roughly. This headset is made of superior materials and is built better so it’s a good investment because you won’t have to worry about replacing it soon.
  • Most PC gamers will tell you that it’s worth getting an oversized mouse pad for better tracking and control. A regular mouse pad just doesn’t give you enough room for mouse movement while a gaming mouse pad will give you better tracking, cut down on friction and provide more precision.
  • You can also save yourself some time and money by getting a gaming set consisting of keyboard, headphones, mouse and mouse pad as a complete set.
  • Finally, a gaming chair will give you more support for the muscles around your back and shoulders. Sitting for extended periods is hard on your body, so investing in a chair that will hold you in a more comfortable position is a good idea.

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