19 October 2021

Level up on your gaming setup with Tech Savvy

Things are coming back to life so get some fresh tech gear to help with your everyday tasks.

If you are an avid gamer, you really need a setup that accommodates your gaming performance. In every aspect of life, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Just think about how a quality set of golf clubs will enhance a player’s performance, or using a better laptop can make employees more productive at work. When you have the right setup for gaming, you’ll not only be more comfortable and have a better experience, you’ll also improve your game.

Next Generation Lifestyle Riotoro Range

Make your gaming experience more engaging with Next Generation Lifestyle Riotoro Range, including a gaming chair, gaming desk, gaming case, gaming mouse, keyboard, PSU, and more coming soon. Our customers will already be familiar with Riotoro gaming chairs which offer support over extended playing sessions. Sitting in the same position can be hard on your body, but you will be ergonomically supported when you have the right gaming chair. Check out our current range of gaming chairs here.

Get engaged with the Riotoro

When you are establishing your gaming setup, you need a workstation spacious enough to fit all your gaming equipment and support comfortable gameplay. Look no further than the Riotoro desk, let’s take a look at the benefits.

It was made for durability, so it can stand the intense treatment that gaming will demand. At the same time, it adds visual interest to your room with aesthetic elements that any gamer will appreciate.

The Riotoro gaming desk is a superior gaming command centre for serious gamers who want a desk they can use for hours without fatigue. Its designs maximise comfort, improve aesthetics, and provide the best game-playing experience:

  • Our gaming desk is extra roomy and sturdy. There’s no need to worry about feeling cramped while playing Starcraft at the gaming station for hours. The desk’s construction affords you ample legroom while sitting in your gaming chair, which long-legged gamers will undoubtedly appreciate. And it has also been designed for left or right-handed players, so you have plenty of room to enjoy your favourite games.
  • The gaming desks are stylish and easily blend into any room's decor.
  • The desk panel comes with LED RGB lights, enhancing the relaxing gaming atmosphere and increasing the game's emotional impact. The gaming desk is the best choice for playing video games, facilitating computer configurations, and creating an impressive display.

It's time to level up for a superior gaming experience with the ultimate new range from Tech Savvy. Coming Soon December 2021. Subscribe here to receive pre-order discounts on this range.

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