12 August 2021

Gadgets aren’t just for the boys

Whether for work, fun or daily life, technology is making women’s lives easier with the kind of gadgets and gizmos featured here in the spirit of Women’s Month.

Who says gadgets, gizmos and techy toys are just a boy thing? Some dinosaurs may think so, but they went extinct for a reason. Technology is for everyone – and yes, that includes women – whether it’s for work, day-to-day life or for fun.

Modern women are often burdened by a heavy workload and generally lead busy lives. And gadgets are there to help juggle everything in all sorts of ways. That’s what technology is about – making life easier, more convenient, and just plain better. This is something women have always known, of course. The challenge has been to find gadgets that can keep up with them. This is where we can help. We have tech for every kind of woman, or rather for every aspect of a woman’s life. 

Tech for active women

Keeping fit is best done in style, along with all the functionality offered by the likes of the Canyon Marzipan Ladies Smartwatch – a durable aluminium device with an array of sensors and functions. Or consider the Canyon Wildberry Smartwatch – it’s stylish and lightweight, versatile and utilitarian.

Stay in the zone with the right tunes in crisp quality with the comfortable and sleek Canyon Wireless Bluetooth Sport earphones with Microphone. It has flexible ear hooks to help them stay on even during the most intense workouts.

And to ensure that your devices don’t run out of steam before you do, carry the highly convenient Canyon Li-Polymer Black Power Bank 8000mAh Wireless Charger with you.

Tech for women at work

When it’s time to head into the office to do some slaying in the boardroom, consider arming yourself with the Prestigio 7" / inch Dual SIM 8GB Android 8.1 OREO 3G Calling Tablet + Wifi. It’s ideal for tackling everyday tasks.

Or you can try the Prestigio 8"/ inch Node A8 3G Tablet 32GB Storage Android 10 Single SIM – a capable and sturdy tablet with call functionality.

And connect with team-mates, employees or clients as if you were in the same room with the Canyon Full HD 1080P Live Streaming Webcam with Noise Reduction Microphone with 1080p full-HD resolution and 65-degree wide-angle view. Or try the Canyon 2K Quad HD Webcam with Noise Reduction Microphone and Tripod for 2K ultra-HD calls or video streaming.

Tech for moms

Ensuring the kids have some decent gadgets to keep them busy is important. And it’s not just to take some pressure off you by keeping them busy (although there is that), they also need to learn on a device that won’t hold them back.

They’ll be off to a good start with the Prestigio 7"/ inch 16GB Kiddies Tablet Wifi and Dino Stand – with up to 1.3GHz quad core processor and Android 8.1(Go edition). Pair that with the Maxell KZ-13 KIDS Small Foldable Headphones and they’re sure to be happily – and quietly – occupied for hours. 

Tech for having fun

And for women who love getting stuck into their favourite games when they have some spare time, we’ve got the ingredients for the ultimate gaming setup. 

Start by getting comfortable with the Riotoro Spitfire X1S Racing Style Gaming Chair with a fitted seat, adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, all in soft synthetic leather. As a bonus, it includes remote-controlled RGB Prism lighting to dazzle and confuse your opponents.

Curb desk clutter with the Canyon Gaming Bungee 3-in-1 Headphone Stand 2 Port USB which is, as the name suggests, a handy bungee, headphone stand and two-port USB in one chic device.   

Then hit the right key with the Canyon Double-injection Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and perfect your aim with the Canyon Puncher Gaming Mouse.   This list may have you covered but if not, we might still have exactly what you’re looking for – something with your name on it (whether you’re a man or a woman). So spoil yourself this Women’s Month at Tech Savvy.

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