03 August 2021

Defend your turf with Kaspersky antivirus software

There are always threats waiting to invade your network and the best line of defence is advanced antivirus software.

Listen up, soldier. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows: 

We’ve received intel about several threats lurking just outside the perimeter of your network. Patrolling agents intercepted suspicious activity that could be viruses, spyware or Trojans. There’s simply no way of knowing without sophisticated antivirus software in place. 

This is where you come in. All your files, applications and data are in danger and you’re the only one who can protect them and save the day. Your objective is to get Kaspersky antivirus software installed on your computer, run a full system scan to ensure that all threats have been found and eliminated, then report back to mission control. We’re counting on you, soldier. Make us proud.

Comprehensive details are included in the mission dossier.

Mission objective 1: Check files, applications and websites instantly

Threats can come from anywhere at any time, so you need to always stay vigilant. Luckily, Kaspersky Anti-Virus does that for you. Whether you’re suspicious of a file someone sent you, a new programme that appeared out of nowhere on your desktop or a website you’re visiting for the first time – you can check it all instantly. Kaspersky is designed to protect you from all the latest cybersecurity threats including worms, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, stalkware, adware, keyloggers and auto-diallers. 

Mission objective 2: React rapidly to emerging threats

Covering all your bases means protecting your network not only from common threats but more complex ones such as botnets, rogues and coordinated hacking attempts. Kaspersky acts as your secret weapon in the war against cybercriminals with its state-of-the-art anti-ransomware and network attack blocker technology. It also quarantines all suspicious files in real time so they can be neutralised more effectively while protecting your system.

Mission objective 3: Roll back harmful malware activity

Since you’ve been operating without virus protection software, there’s a very high possibility that some malware may have already breached your perimeter and has been quietly wreaking havoc on your network. Kaspersky has a brilliant feature that allows you to roll back any harm done to your system or network by malware. This ensures that your system has been thoroughly cleared of old and new threats.

Mission objective 4: Regain fast and efficient PC performance

If your machine has started working slower even after you’re freed up space on your hard drive, it could indicate that a virus has hijacked your processing power. One of the most significant advantages of protecting your PC with Kaspersky Anti-Virus is that it gets your machine working in peak condition again. This means you get to game without lag, stream seamless video and browse the web without pages crashing or taking too long to load. In other words: mission accomplished.

Now that you’ve reviewed all your objectives, will you accept the mission? Fortify your network with the most tested and awarded antivirus software on the market. Get Kaspersky Anti-Virus and keep your turf free of any malicious intruders.

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